Posted by: Kathryn Craig | April 7, 2009

Funny Bones

The Talent Show

The Talent Show

Connor was created with funny bones.

Honest-to-goodness-laugh-til-your-belly-hurts funny bones. We’ve enjoyed one of life’s greatest little pleasures time and again when Connor manages to free our souls with laughter. And it pleases him even more than us when he intentionally triggers the kind of laughter that makes our eyes tear. He laughs along with us, steps around in an little dance and his face glazes with the satisfied look of a job well done. And he laughs til his bones shake.

His other funny bones.

He was born with some crazy funny bones… unbelievably flexible, bendable, Gumby-sort-of bones and joints that pretty much resemble rubber bands. (Except for the bones in his foot, which instead of bending, break… as demonstrated when Connor decided that “he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother” and attempted to give his big brother a piggy back ride, but I’ll save that for maybe another time.)

Connor’s funny bones presented a big problem early in life. Born with significant hypotonia, Connor kind of resembled a rag doll with his arms and legs hanging by his sides. The experts called him floppy. And he was.

Those funny bones and floppy muscles didn’t support him enough to walk until he was three-and-a-half, but when Connor’s one-year-old sister at that time began to walk, he willed his bones into gear and got moving.

And Conn’s been moving every since, in crazy funny ways. So, in making those bones work for him, he recently decided to tap into the two sides of his funny bones for a talent show at his school.

Rock on, Pretzel Boy

Rock on, Pretzel Boy

While the other students prepared song numbers to sing, jokes to tell, sports to demonstrate, Connor decided to use his bones to become what’s now renowned as, “PRETZEL BOY”. Yes, he thinks this is funny. Yes, he does it with ease. And yes, he is now famous for his talented funny bones.

That’s my guy. Turning weaknesses to assets, complications into talents, funny bones into lots of fun. Take a look at pretzel boy rolling around the platform. You might not be able to see his hands while he’s got his legs behind his head, but he’s giving his audience the “rock on” sign.

Rock on, pretzel boy.


  1. Love IT! I was wondering if the sign was for “Love or “rock on” Sweet! If I could only be that flexible!

  2. good .. i like it !! 🙂 this is a new knowledge for me .

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