Posted by: Kathryn Craig | February 12, 2009

All you need is love. And love. And love.

Valentine’s Day is approaching.

And love is in the air.

We went this week and picked out two small stuffed dogs to give to two girls at school. One dog had a heart that said, “Hug Me”, the other had a heart that said, “XOXO”, and those small items made Connor’s day. He happily brought them to school this morning: one for “Gabby” and one for “Danielle”.

Mid-day, I received an email from his teacher asking, what happened to “Sarah”? Seems Romeo’s been doing a lot of juggling lately.

Sarah is the girl who captured his heart last year when he moved to his new school. But Sarah moved on to an off-site program. He still sees her at some events, makes silly noises, flutters his eyes and grins goofy grins when he’s around her, but ultimately she’s not around too often.

Then, to his delight Gabby declared that she’s now his girlfriend. He was thrilled with that idea, until Danielle brought him a valentine for a double shot of flirting fun. Romeo’s been juggling.

Ultimately, Connor’s on a quest for his “perfect ten”. In the process, he’s invented certain criteria he’d like met. Well, really, his list encompasses his perfect “five”. All three of those little ladies meet some of the criteria, but no one in particular meets ALL the criteria.

Here’s the list:
* Must be a girl. “I’m not gay.”
* Must have extra chromosome eyes. (He’s a Down syndrome snob)
* Must be close to my age.
* Must care about her body like I do. “I don’t like flabby.”
* Must be prepared to marry me when I turn 30.

For now, Connor will be loving Sarah and Gabby and Danielle for the bullet points that they do in fact meet, but not give in to exclusivity because, well,  none match the full list of five. He doesn’t think it’s too much to ask.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


  1. Love Connors perfect 10… well 5! “I don’t like flabby” well neither do I but look at what happens when I got old- 30 in fact. HAHA!

  2. it’s awesome that connor knows what he is looking for, so many don’t. it’s funny because i always tell my younger friends, don’t get married until you are at least 30. =)

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