Posted by: Kathryn Craig | January 21, 2009

We’re created for relationships.

Relationships are important to Connor. And he loves the bonds that relationships bring.

He loves his family. Intensely.

And he loves friends, having friends, being friends, and he never forgets friends.

A move to Michigan two years ago from New York created a loss in his life when he had to say good-bye to friends. Friends with extra chromosomes, and friends without. It’s been a challenge to forge new friendships.

I’ve heard it takes two to three years to feel at home in a new environment. So we’re on the cusp of Michigan becoming “home”. And we’re starting to see some friendships forming in Connor’s life. They’re not yet the sleepover-and-play-day friendships he left behind, but we’re watching people rise to a new level of significance in Connor’s life.

That’s exciting. For him. For us.

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